Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Childhood Revival

Aw man! Have you ever looked at childhood pictures and realized your outfits were horrible? I think the funniest part is remembering how excited you were to wear those exact outfits.

I remember in elementary school I thought skorts were so cool because I could play rough at recess without getting in trouble for my skirt coming up or something. Then as I got older I realized how hideous skorts were, even the word made me cringe. However, fashion is a cycle and I don't know who did it but someone made skorts come back in the absolute cutest way!

Nasty Gal $68

Picture from Lookbook (Maya L.)

Zara skort $49.90
Super cute right? I mean they don't even look like skorts, just really cool looking shorts! 

Another thing I've grown to love recently are overalls, but not the long ones that look like pants. I heard people call them short alls but who knows? I think these are perfect! 
American Apparel $88

What are some things from your childhood that you'd love to wear again?

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